Pricing and Services

Starting at .015 for free motion meandering and loops

Starting at .02 for edge to edge pantographs and .025 - .05 for light to heavy free motion custom work.

For example if your quilt is 60x60, we multiply the two numbers together and get 3600 square inches.  If you want a pantograph, we will Multiply 3600 and .02.  You will be charged $72.00

I will also bind the quilt if you would like me to.  The cost to cut, sew, apply and hand stitch down is .20 per linear inch

The cost to cut, sew, apply, and sew down by machine is .15 per linear inch.  That woud be the 4 sides added together.

Regardless, we will lock down the price when you place your order.

Are you Local?  I have some cute 12 - 14 year olds that convinced me to teach them how to make a quilt  We have a ball!  I also have an adult class.  We meet once a month during the school year and have a summer course in the summer months, Cost is 25 dollars for each 3 hour session.  Max class size is 4 people.  I provide the machines cutting boards, irons, etc.  I have most everything your need.  Contact me for availability and more details.

Here are my available Pantographs, If I don't have the one youre looking for, check with me,  I'm happy to build up my Panto files!

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