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Sewing has been my passion since I was a wee child at my mothers knee. In my small community where I grew up 4-H was a way to keep us kids entertained.  What a treat to bring home a blue ribbon from the state fair!  

When I was a teenager we moved to a bigger city.  My teacher in my church just happened to be the president of the local quilt guild.  I made my first trip around the world quilt when I was 16.  I made my own Double Wedding Ring quilt for my wedding.  I made my new baby a lone star baby quilt and my passion grew!  I acquired my first longarm in 2008  it was a KenQuilt with a 7 inch quilting space!  I learned a lot on it and mastered freemotion quilting..  After working at the local quilt shop as a longarm quilter I knew I needed to upgrade to my Bernina Q24.  I have so much fun learning new things and turning quilts into beautiful heirlooms to be cherished! I would love to turn your quilt into your own herirloom!